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Sparkling gourami will do just fine in a 5 gallon, they're really inactive and you can keep one by himself. Just be prepared for some of your baby shrimp to get eaten. You also won't see him a lot, sparkling gourami are SUPER shy. They're like a cat that hides under the bed all day and only comes out to eat. They are really pretty though when the light catches them just right.

Skip the danios, they are way too big and WAY too active for a 5 gallon.

I've never had luck with ottos so that makes me think they need a much bigger tank with stable parameters. They also like to be in groups.

Depending on what your tap water is like, there's a bunch of tiny fish you can look into that you might be able to find locally. Try scarlet badis, endler's livebearers (males), pygmy cories, ember tetra, celestial pearl danios, and of course bettas.

You don't need to wait 6 months to add shrimp, and rili shrimp should be really hardy. Just wait 4-6 weeks for your tank to cycle. And if you plan on keeping fish with the rilis, just make sure you have tons of moss and hiding places in your tank. Moss is really good at hiding the babies so they don't become fish food.

Hope that helps!
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