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Ok so i have two tabks which were both running well although were only really decorated with resin ornaments and fake plants... but when i set up the tanks i did not know as much as i do now! And i felt the fish would have a better environment with it being planted... hopefully mimicking a more natural environment and helping keep ammonia nitrate etc more stable... so i blindly bought a load of plants from my local aquarium store... planted them! And well now i dont really know what any of them are, how to look after them etc.

Ok first tank 15 gal is as follow;

2 german blue rams
6 cherry barbs
6 corydoras cw010 (orange laser)
1 starlight bristlenose

Twisted vallis
Christmas moss on a coconut cave
2 unknown plants which are different species i believe

This tank does have a disposable c02 can with a diffuser.

Second tank 10 gal

3 dwarf puffers

Java ferns??
Unkown plant (possibly swords)

Also both tanks have a dose of tetra plantmin (planning on once a fortnight) and root tabs under or near all the plants.

General aquascaping advise is welcomed too...

Thanks for any help i really dont k ow what direction to go for next with these...

Also my vallis keep floating and and lifting from the substrate.. 馃槩


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

These are just some plant catalogs to search for plants:

The in house plant list, found under resources tab : All Plants - Plant Profiles
Most up to date list from a DE vendor/forum : All Aquatic Plants - Flowgrow Aquatic Plant Database

First aquarium has Cabomba and Echinodorus and the second tank has Vallisneria spiralis and some Cryptocoryne sp.

All of the plants you have are not very demanding so you are lucky with your choice. Most will be ok with just substrate enrichment (also needh Nitrogen Phosphate Potassium). Echinodorus will outgrow the current tank very fast if they are happy, so enjoy them while you can and you have a reason to upgrate to a larger setup :D

If you feel like wanting to do more research I would recommend Diana Walstad book (Ecology of planted aquarium) and Tom Barr description of EI (estimative index).

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