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new to planted tank

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30 gal JBJ rimless.
set it up 3 + weeks ago added plants during the cycle time. just added 5 fish small neon tetras and some panda cory cats. the plants have doubled in size in the small amount of time i have had them. is this common?

water used is half ro and half tap.
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Yes, when plants like where they are they can grow quite fast. You must have a good light, are you supplementing CO2? or maybe Excel?
I wonder if ammonia has started to develop at 3 weeks into the cycle? If they have, the ammonia might have something to do with the growth, although it sounds like a lot of growth.
Here is hoping your initial success continues.
i have the turbo co2 set up and led plant lights. so far crazy growth, so fast i have not educated myself on trimming back yet. haha. yes hope this continues. thanks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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