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New to planted aquarium 180 build

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Wanted to start this thread to show and talk about the progress so far getting everything together for this build. So far this site with all the great information gathered from everyone over the years has influenced every bit of my interest in a planted tank.
The 180 gallon with over flows and sump were part of a reef setup I started in 2005. For the last 2 years it has been set up with African Cichlids using the existing reef rock and sand. Wow has this been successful! I started with 4 yellow labs and now have about 80 with no end in site. The fry have ample hiding spots in the reef rock to dart out and get all the food they need with plenty if protection from the big guys.
I am not sure yet what plants I will scape with but I have decided on 14 bags of Eco Complete for the substrate and six 18" to 24" pieces of Malaysian driftwood. The driftwood is soaking in a large Brute trash can.
Most of the equipment I already have. I could do a high tech planted tank. Not sure if that is the direction I will go yet. As soon as I get my photo bucket account straight (don't know why it's goofed up) I will past pics when I take the 180 down for cleaning and start setting up for a planted tank.
Any help, suggestions or just plain what the hell are thinking is welcome.
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welcome to TPT tweetyfish! I am also new here but have been lurking for awhile. I'm also setting up my first planted tank and it is also a 180 gallon. oh yea and uuuhm,,,,,,,,,im also an algeae grower.:icon_conf I'm going to be following this one for sure. anyways here's my tank!
Thanks for the support. This is going to be fun for sure. I saw your build and was glad I was not the only one going at this in a big way the first time around with plants. Shouldn't be a problem, just fun!
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