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New to plant tanks

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I originally posted this in the substrate catagory, but I figured it has more relivance here. And it'll get read more. :)

long time member, newbie poster. Hi all. I bought a 60 gal tank a while back. Originally with intentions for tanganyikan cichlids, however, the tank came with plants, bogwood and the such. I sort of liked it. I've kept everything from tangs to outdoor ponds to reef tanks, but this is my first time with a plant tank. I'll post pictures shortly, but I've currently got a sand substrate (it's how the tank came), a few pieces of bogwood, and lots of plants. Currently my stock is comprised of amazon swords, two types of val, some crypt's as well as a few others that I can't remember. As for fish, I have one Geo. Surinamensis a pair of apisto something or other. I can never remember their name. Well they're breeding like rabbits. 4 different types of cory cats, 3 irian jaya rainbows and 3 congo tetras. And one gold nugget and bushy nose pleco.
I'll be moving soon and with that, I would like to make it a more plant friendly setup. I'm adding power compacts soon, what I add depends on what I can get a good deal on ebay for. I'm also looking at adding a different substrate, or possibly layer it below the sand. I like the sand, but it gets dirty quite rapidly. I live in England right now and the cost of, well, everything is pretty horrendous. So my question is, would anyone recommend mixing sand with say, some eco or substitute, or mixing eco with small gravel.
My next question is about CO2 suppliment. I have a fluval 405 on the tank and it turns it over quite well. Would it be silly to add CO2 to the tank with so much water flow and surface agitation? I wouldn't do anything exciting, just a homemade yeast reactor.
Any help would be appreciated. Also has anyone kept geophagus with any types of shrimp with any luck? . thanks a lot.
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