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New to Lighting --- need Helping figuring some things out

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Quick background: I previously attempted to keep live plants with a CO2 injection system and diffuser and thought that would be enough only to have the plants die off and find out I have poor lighting. Well, I upgraded my lighting system and ready to order new plants (after finding out a proper fertilization dosing regime) but I wanted to know 2 things:

1) If my lighting is in the Low - Mid- or High light range. And,
2) I'd also like to know the LSI (Lumen per square inch).

I have no idea how to figure those out for sure. Can anyone help me out with this or is there some form of online calculator for these numbers? I'd prefer to be in the high light range with a LSI 28+.

Here's more information on my setup:
> -100 Gallon Aquarium with canopy top (inside is covered with Mylar as seen in the pictures)
> -2x24" 24W T-5 6500k
> -4x24" 13W T-2 6400k - (73 lumen per watt)
> -2x60" 18W LED 6500K tubes (calculated at a total output of 1260 lumens)

Thanks in advance!! :icon_idea


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