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The answer is almost certainly that you have too much light for the amount and type of plants and fertilizer you have in your tank. I see you have 2 different lights on your tank. By sight I can not identify them but its very likely you should ditch one of your lights.

When I first went high tech I thought that if I'm pumping the co2 hard then I can put as much light as I want and everything will be great. There are people rolling around with crazy 300+ par setups after all so my measly 100 par setup should be fine.. right??? No.. as it turns out that was not right.

It seems the people with those crazy 300+ par setups are really really careful with fertilizer and with what types of plants they grow and where and how much of different species. So yeah, its a pain. Much easier to lower your light to around 30-40 par at substrate and go easy on co2 so you don't gas your fish by accident if your co2 doesn't turn off one night.

Do that and you shouldn't keep getting new algae, but it won't do anything for your existing staghorn. To deal with that I suggest looking into the "One Two Punch" on the forum. It will tell you how to kill algae but it might or might not kill any fish in the tank as well, possibly your moss..... yeah staghorn sucks.

Just my thoughts.
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