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Hello fellow aquarists.

We have about 20+ years with reefkeeping. Everything from 1/2 gallon up to 180gallons. (Someday I'd like to do 20,000 or more).

We(my wife & I) have pretty much done it all in the reefkeeping realm. And we still aren't done with it yet. We've succeeded at softy's, LPS & SPS. Bought & sold many different tanks. I currently hold a moderator position on local Houston, TX club).

We have a 2yr old son, 2 chihuahuas, one 70gallon rimless mixed reef & 2 outdoor cats.

Why did I lost my son with my pets? Wel because he requires Maintainence just like they do.

Current situation:
I was gifted a 45gallon freshwater Walmart special. By Walmart I mean, it came with a basic hood with 1 T8 light, 2 tiger barbs, 1 jack Dempsey, 2 pleco's, 2 bubble wands & your basic Walmart shel decorations. I argued briefly with my wife about throwing them away & putting natural rock in the tank. She wouldn't have it.

So we got the tank all set up & realized that we needed a filter. My instincts kicked in and said lets drill the tank & put a sump down below! She rolled her eyes & said no. "I want a normal setup for a change"

So off to Walmart we went & got a hang on back(gulp) filter for about $36. It made me feel weak in the knees to know I was actually shelling out $$ for a filter I've spent years condemning within the reefkeeping world.

So everything is set up & my wife says "why don't we do a live plant tank. They always look so nice in magazines & at doctors offices."

So my mind went instantly to the multitude of planted tanks I've seen in magazines & also to the tanks in local fish stores that I would often just walk right past on my way to the reef section.

Needless to say - it perked my interest & I wanted to know more.

So I did a little basic research & it landed me here.

I took a look at some of the documents here that describe how to set up a freshwater tank & to be honest, my head got a little dizzy.

So I'm hoping to

1. Get this little (anything under 100 gallons is little to me) tank planted & thriving. I want what I see on the counter top at the best fish stores in town.
2. Become a helpful part of this community while encouraging others that I come across in my path every day to be the BEST aquarists they can be.

Thanks for reading this far....

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