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Hey everyone just signed up. Been into tanks for about 4 years but this is my first venture into planted. I plan on keeping it just plants for now. I was looking for any advice and suggestions on things I may be lacking.
20gal long tank
Lighting 2 T5 HO 24 watt Glo ballasts with Life-GLO 6700.
Aqueous Quietflow 30
100 watt

Have them on a 12/12 light cycle
There are just some beginner plants and Mexican river rock and driftwood
I am using the API co2 booster daily and th API leafzone 1 time a week and will add fertilizer pellets once tank is established.

Thanks for any help you got!

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First Planted Tank

Hello Take...

Welcome to this forum. Your post reads like you've gotten a good start. You're higher tech than I am. I'm strictly low tech, low light, but I'm into the more heavily planted tanks. I have several larger tanks and essentially let the plants take care of the water. I do feed the fish and fertilize the plants and do my large water changes about every three weeks, but that's about it.


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Sounds like a good set-up with everything you need.
One note - you may find that 48 watts of T5 HO for 12 hours a day, even with CO2 booster, could be a touch too heavy duty. You could encounter some algae problems.
I would suggest cutting down the lighting period to 8 hours to begin with, moving it up slightly in increments as time goes on to see how it goes.
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