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Hello all, I am new to this forum. I appreciate all the information and help it is much appreciated. After years of troubleshooting I am finally ready to seek the real pros out and figure out what I am doing so wrong. I do have quite a bit of knowledge and experience in planted tanks but I think I am running off the rails with something in my tanks. Of course this reguards algae and "dirty" looking leaves. I think I will start with pictures and a description of what I am doing currently.

35g planted, fluorite substrate, fluval canister filter, 1 powerhead for movement.
I am tired of this dirty leave type algae showing up! I am adding co2 booster daily x2 dose. 7hrs of light (2 30" t5 6700k). weekly 40% water changes (tap water but use phospur filter media to reduce phosphates and its not actually that high out of the tap). my nitrates, phosphates and ph are all good. I just cant place my finger on it! thanks for looking.


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Welcome to TPT!!! I am no expert in fertilizers by any means (I use 1/3 EI method of dosing so I don't really need to be) but it may partially be from nutrient deficiencies. Kinda looks like (to my limited knowledge) Iron deficiency but there may be other things too. Have you considered dosing ferts?

I say this because of the pale color leaves on the AR mini.

Again I am no expert in ferts but I thought I would help get the convo started for ya.

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