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Right after christmas we ended up with a green anole that was given to someone as a gag gift. He is currently in a suitable habitat but it's just substrate and some live plants (in planters) with some other vines etc. So I have to remove him to clean and he doesn't really like that.

We had a 55 gal tank laying around along with a 10 gal. So my 13 yr old and I have decided to make a vivarium for the little guy.(and probably eventually some company) He wants to stack the 10 gal(with bottom removed and replaced with screen) on top of the 55 gal to make a taller area.

I have a few questions.

1: Should I have a mister AND a fogger/humidifier? We live in Western Montana and it's very dry all the time and winter is worse especially needing heat so I'm leaning towards yes both but unsure. (Trying to plan out the building of the stand).
1A: Is it ok for both of these to pipe into the top of the tank?(through the top screen/door)

2: Airflow. Should I put at least one small fan in a corner to circulate area throughout the long tank?

3: Any special lighting I should make sure I have for the plants? The Anole needs UVB and a basking light. Not sure about the plants.

Any other advice you would give a first time DIY?
I keep dart frogs not anoles, so that's where my experience is from. That said, the great and powerful internet said humidity for a green anole should be between 60 and 80% which is the same as a dart frog. I would highly suggest you either a) use a pump hand mister or b) buy a mistking. The former is cheap but requires you to manually mist pretty much ever day. The latter is a very well known brand of automated mister and is extremely reliable.

You might want to put a fan on top of the tank to circulate air, this can be done with the fan pointing down into the tank, up away from the tank, or parallel with the lid blowing air across. Which you do depends on how much humidity gets trapped in the tank. Ideally you would want to mist once a day to water the plants and maintain humidity, then a few hours later the glass should be dry. If water stays around for say 12+ hours its too humid. If you decide you want to put a fan in the tank be aware that you will need a tight fitting mesh/protector on the fan so the anole can't stick a limb into the blades. This can be done but its an added complication that can be easily avoided by putting the fan on the other side of the lid.

As for lights, yes you will need a light. Basically you can use spotlights or aquarium lights. If you go with bulbs you want something in the 5000-6000k range and at least 12watts, 18 preferred. Hopefully this is helpful.
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