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New to fertilizers & need some help

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I have a semi-high tech 3 gallon tank that I set up recently. It has medium/high light, DIY CO2, and dirt substrate topped with gravel and sand. I've been reading about fertilizers, and I think I'd like to start using them on this tank.

I've never used fertilizers on a tank before, since my previous tanks have all been low tech, so I'm a bit confused. I'd like a nice, cheap, simple to use fertilizer that I can buy locally (at Petsmart/Petco). I want to start slow, so I'd prefer to get just one that has most of the extra nutrients a moderately planted tank will need. I know I'll probably eventually need to dose macros seperately, but if such a thing exists, I'd like to initially get a fertilizer that has both micros and macros.

So, I have a few questions...
1. Does anyone have any suggestions for fertilizers? I've heard good things about Flourish. Is it a good fertilizer?

2. Would you recommend liquid fertilizers or dry fertilizers to start?

Thank you!
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Hi MameJenny,

It would be difficult to accurately dose dry ferts for such a small volume of water, and the amount you would have to buy would probably last your for years.

I would recommended Seachem Flourish Comprehensive and Flourish Excel; a medium sized bottle will probably last you for months!

45 Gallon with DIY CO2 and Flourish Comprehensive and Excel
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I can't seem to find Flourish Comprehensive on the Seachem website. Is it the same thing as regular Flourish?

Also, does Excel really do extra good in a small tank that's already getting CO2? I don't want to accidentally gas my tank's inhabitants.
For such a small tank you might as well use liquid fertilizers. One of our sponsors sells one line, called Pfertz,
I wasn't able to find Flourish locally, so I bought some Nutrafin Plant Gro instead. It says that it treats 250 gallons, so it should last a while. Thanks for your help!
What about npk? You need that stuff. Have you looked into pferts it's a bit expensive but on a small tank a little bit would last you a long time. I know you would like to buy locally but getting it online is much cheaper and you only have to do it every year or two or longer depending on how m
Many/size of tanks

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