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New To co2 diffusion....

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Hey guys,

Today i took my delivery of a rhinox 2000 difuser and a Gamba Bubble counter and wondered how i would go about setting these up in which order ?

i also got a galss check valve or what i think is a check valve its a glass tube with a red piece of plastic in and only lets air go one way !

i have done co2 before using 2 2ltr bottles and put the tube into the outlet of my filter but now i got this stuff i wanna set it up right away...

the bottles are ready to i right in thinking i got to fill the bubble counter half way with water ? and keep it up a certain way to stop the water going backwards or into the tank ?

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As jebarj90 brought up, check out Rex's site.. Most of your answers, plus some, should be answered...
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