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I have had a 20g tank with gravel and some natural plants with a decent LED light fixure and have decided to try and venture into a totally natural and planted tank with pressurized CO2. I have upgraded to a 75g tank and have never dealt with CO2 before.

Does anyone have suggestions on a good CO2 tank and regulator to start with? There is a local aquatic store that sells an Archaea CO2 dual gauge regulator w/solenoid and 10lb tank. I'm willing to spend the money for something great but I also don't want to blow an unnecessary amount of money for being a beginner and possibly messing up anything.

**I plan on growing eleocharis parvula, tortula vuralis, bacopa australis, and either glossostigma elatinoides, or littorella uniflora.

I appreciate any help or advice!!

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