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New to Aquarium Photography and with a New Aquarium

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Hey guys, I've had a 5 gallon planted tank in the works for a few months now, got some decent plant growth, all cycled up, and finally this past weekend got me some CPDs.

The timing of this also happens to coincide with getting a new Canon T3i at work and telling my boss that I need to take the camera home to play around with it and learn how to use it better.

So here's some of my photos! I call my tank "The Great Snail of Tranquility"...hopefully you can see why!

These first three were from before I added the CPDs, my first photoshoot. They seem a little overexposed to me. I think the problem at the time was that I didn't know how to change my aperture, and I was shooting mostly on Auto settings, hehe.

My next set is just from Monday night. I was experimenting with wireless flash photography too. I know some of these images are a little soft and grainy. I am working with the kit lenses for this camera, so there's only so much I can do. Not to entirely blame the lenses...I'm sure my technique can use some work. An overhead lighting system would probably work wonders on my photos.

Here's the next set. A couple of the images are just cropped portions of previous images, cropped to 2880x900 to use as backgrounds for my dual-monitor system at work.

Link to whole album:

It's a start. I'm learning videography as well, and I've shot some nice footage of the CPDs. I'm planning on putting together a fun little video in the near future, I'll post a link when I'm done with it.

Thanks for viewing!
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Hi 8foot6inchRod,

Those are some excellent shots; very nice job! BTW are you a fly fisherman?
Hi 8foot6inchRod,

Those are some excellent shots; very nice job! BTW are you a fly fisherman?
Thanks, and hehe, yes, I am. That's one of the things that drew me to the CPDs. I think they resemble miniature brook trout, which are the prettiest trout, in my opinion. Even though they are technically char, not trout.
If you're into fly fishing and know Wyoming rivers the name makes absolute sense!
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