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New to Apistos - need your help!

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I recently came upon a pair of some apistos at my LFS and wanted to get everyone's opinion on exactly what I have. They were sold as A. cacatuoides and they certainly look the part, minus the vibrant colors (wild strain perhaps?). I was hoping to have a breeding pair but they don't really play nice together, so now I'm unsure of their sex. Both measure around 1.75inches long.

Long dorsals, smallest of the two. I'm pretty sure this is a male.

Big bully, shorter dorsals. Less-finny male or mean female?

Looking forward to what you guys think. Thanks in advance!
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A. Cacatuoides comes in many shapes and colors. The top one looks a little yellow for a male to me. It's possible you might have 2 females. Notice how the first few rays on the dorsal fin of the fish in the upper photo are more elongated than in the bottom however. FME that is a male trait. I am of the opinion that fish is probably a male, but my experience with cacatuoides is limited. The females become vibrant yellow at breeding time.

Usually the male Apisto is larger by enough that it is easy to spot.

Males often bully females, females bully other females, and 2 males is usually a bad idea unless you have a good sized tank. Females sometimes bully males. They're just pretty pugnacious fish all the way around.

Assuming the top fish is a male, I think you have a strain usually called "double orange". Wild strain Cacs are more or less gray with some reddish coloration on the fins.

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You have two females. The black strip on the pectoral fins is indicative of a female not to mention once they are that size it become pretty obvious the difference between the males and females.

I will note that the top female is one of the best looking females cac's i've ever seen.

I think your black stripe theory is incorrect.

the second pic which to me is obviously female has no such stripe on her pectorals.

also I have rams for which they same thing about the black on the pectoral. I have 5 female and 5 males and all 10 have black stripes on the pectoral fins. However I do still agree that both look female to me as neither has the tell tale cockatoo third dorsal ray.
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