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Plants that I have so far are

Dwarf hairgrass
Dwarf sag
Java moss
Lace fern
Flame moss
Christmas moss
Ansian abulia
And I will be getting.more.

So first question, do you need to feet? Why can't fish food and waste be enough on its own to feed the plants?

If I need to feet what is the least I can do to keep them healthy? I don't care for very fast growth as long as they are growing its fine.

I don't plan to run c02
I have safe t sorb substrate
I have finnex planted plus led fixture

Fish I have and will get to stock
25-50 cardinal tetra
2 blue rams
Colony of RCS
10 otos

Maybe more fish but for now that's all I want.

Currently I have a smaller school of cardinals 13 of em
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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