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What size is your tank?

It is possible to run a planted tank without having to dose ferts (that's the way I always set my own up), but you have to stick with very hardy plants and get your light levels just right (enough to keep the plants growing, but not so much that they grow quickly enough that there aren't enough nutrients from the fish).

Looking over your plant list, I suspect some of those plants probably won't do well in a really lean tank like you're wanting, but planted tanks are typically trial and error - sometimes you'll get a plant species to thrive for you that someone else can't in a similar setup.

Some other plants you might consider that have done well for me in lean tanks are Crypts, swords, and several of the hardier Hygrophila species.
You want to provide nutrients entirely from fish but it isn't enough? Go with platies or mollies in the tank. They're poop MACHINES! Just make sure to overfeed a little bit but not too much and keep up with water changes
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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