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New to all of this...and I think I'm already doing it wrong.

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Okay, to make a long story short, I listened to my mom when she ensured me I didn't need a substrate. Now I have a tank that's all set up with gravel and plants and fish. Then I found and started reading this site, and it seems as though I definitely need it.
So...what can I do? Can I just get some and mix it around with the gravel? Or do I have to tear it all apart?
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You can take the plants back and get a refund. Don't feel bad, I ran into the same problem. When I was figuring out the same issue you’re having I went as far as talking to Petsmart/Topfin headquarters. They weren't sure what I was talking about since there in the aquarium section (the ignorance of higher up people). All they would have to do is google the plants that they sell and see that they aren't aquatic plants. I was then told that a gentleman from the aquatic research division would be calling me. He did call and his response was that the plants are listed for "aquarium use", however this “doesn't mean that they will last as long as true aquarium plants and they will need replacing when they rot.” The bottom line is that big chain stores can twist words and sayings so the average person thinks they understand, but in all reality we don't and get mislead in their marketing games.
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