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New Tanks and Algae

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Any advice on how to tame this algae a bit would be helpful. My livebearers love it, but it's not helping my plants. On glass, rocks, and plants. Seems to be several different kinds, all of which can be pretty easily removed by scraping gently, with the exception of some kind of brown, fluffy type algae on a couple plants in one of the tanks.

Pics can be found at:

Running Finnex Planted+ AND Finnex Ray 2 on each tank - lights are on for 9 hours. CO2 comes on 1.5 hrs. before lights are on, and goes off 1.5 hrs. before lights off. Drop checkers typically read lime green about 3-4 hours after lights come on and stay pretty close to the sweet spot until lights off. Doing 25-30% water changes weekly. Dosing minor ferts Sunday (after water change) and Wednesday, and minor ferts on Monday and Thursday. EI levels on ferts, but 2x weekly instead of 3x.

These are fairly new tanks (all set up within the last two months).
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Those lights are intense (especially the Ray). Try reducing the intensity (raise them up and or add some screening material to block light).

The very light planting will make algae control tough.
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