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New tank

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Hello everyone, i am somewht new to this hobby although i have had a 20 gallon freshwater tank for about 5 months now so i know my basics.
I am thinking about upgrading to a 65 gallon tall aquarium and have done hours of research on different equipment. Just curious to see what you guys think i should get for equipment. This would include heaters, filters, lighting, co2, etc.. im not an expert on this stuff so i dont know alot about them and how they work. Specifically co2 and canister filters( which i heard are better for planted tanks). Plant wise i have no idea what kind of plants i would want so maybe some sugestions would help. I am planning on adding rocks and driftwood creating a beautiful aquascape with colorful community fish.
I am only a couple weeks into my research so if there is something wrong with what i am doing please correct me. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
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Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you are in the right direction. Is there any reason you want to get the 65 tall? What are its dimensions? The reason why I ask, is that taller aquariums are kind of harder to light since the light has to penetrate deeper. Not to say a tall tank is impossible, but just a little trickier. It also depends on the plants that you want to keep. Good beginner plants that I always recommend to customers (I work at a LFS) are Cryptocorynes, Anubias, Ferns (Java, bolbitis) and vals. This plants are generally considered to be the easier species.

Also, for a tank that size, I agree and would definitely use a canister. I would recommend doing a quick google search of "65 gallon tall planted tank" to see what other people have done with that tank, and use that as inspiration. Also, if you like one of them, you can post it here and we can tell you what you would likely need for that looks (CO2, highlight/lowlight, etc.)
Thank you for the response. I was originally planning on going with a 60 gallon tank but when i saw it in person the length was very skinny which to me seems like it was be hard to make a nice aquascape. This 65 is a good price for the tank and stand as well it has a good length so lots of room for aquascaping. The tank is 18.4 x 36.4 x 25. I will look up canisters and some kinds of plants i would get and i will get back with you on that. What kind of fish would you reccomend. I want a community tank with one or two big centerpiece fish.. i looked into getting angelfish for a centerpiece but my tap water is rather hard with a ph of 7.8 ... so i then looked into discus which i would love but when i think about it i dont have time for them as when they are young they must be fed 4-5 times a day to reach their potential size. So what would you recommend?

This is the look i am somewhat going for. Lots of driftwood with moss on it.. alot of planta that cover the ground and tall plants for the backround or planta that attach to the driftwood


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