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New tank - when to start fertilizing?

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I just set up a 20 gallon, heavily planted. No fish for a while, so co2 is cranked up. (drop checker is pale yellow)
I have ADA aquasoil, and a photoperiod of 9 hours of T5HO light.

I plan on doing EI ferts, but in the past I ran into trouble with immediately jumping into fertilizing a new tank.

My question is, when would be a good time to start EI?
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I have started my 75 gal tank two weeks ago and started EI dosing from day 1 with no issues... also put 6 saes and two RCS in on the first day with no probs..
With ADA Aquasoil the plants can grow using just the nutrients in the substrate, but if you dose the water too you do extend the life of the substrate nutrients. So, why not start dosing 5 minutes after you finish planting the tank? It won't do any harm.
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