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Hello everybody trying to get ideas for my new 120 60x25x18.

Please post pics of yours and what your set up is. Looking to house 20 or so cory's 8 roselines, 14 praecox, 5 buenos aires tetras (perhaps more) and a few bristlenose probably some super reds and a few Blue eyes L 144s.

So what would be the best substrate for plants and cory's, was thinking about substrate not sure if its good for cory's.
Want to have just the right amount of current, so what would be recommended filter wise and power heads, thinking hydor koralia.

Thinking maybe 2 eheim 2217's or fluval fx5 with a AC 110.

Want to have some kind of UV sterilizer have a 25 watt on my 55 and love it. Also will be running inline heater probably will need 2 300 watt, maybe one inline and another fluval ES300 (I think that's the one with the digital temp on it)

Also lighting not sure what to do t5s or maybe finnex ray ll led's.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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