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New tank test fill video... GOT FLOW???

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Testing my newly plumbed tank and sump setup. Tank is marineland commercial series 100g, return pump is little giant 1350gph, 3x1350gph circ pumps, and 2x750gph circ pumps. It was making mini whirlpools haha! :icon_mrgr:icon_mrgr

Check out the vid
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No surface scum there =)

I wonder if there's some native river fish that would enjoy that... ones that attach to the rocks or something to fight the current heh
aside from the creepy ending..

what would go into this?
The guy I got the tank from gave me all those circ pumps so I thought it would be cool to hook em all up. Not sure what he was going to use it for with that much flow.

You didn't like my ending?? Lol it was 2am last night when I recorded that :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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