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New tank suggestions

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Hi I just upgraded from a 5 gallon to a 10 gallon 20x10x10.5.

I have 2 unidentified sword plants and 2 apogens looknig thing. I jsut put a onion bulb and water lilly bulb in there hoping to sprout. Using store bought sand and have a cool piece of driftwood i got from the local petsmart, has s bit of some kinda moss on it.

Only fish I have is a betta...was wondering what type of companion in this size tank would work well with the plants. Any other suggestions would help - especially on how to get more moss to grow on the driftwood.

Also, do you guys using root tabs? I found a few that just turned into some type of jelly that was a pain to clean. Do they do anything? SHould I just do a better job of burying them? thanks :)
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Do you actually remove the bulb yourself or will it fall off on its own?

Well there's nobody there to remove anything in nature and they do just fine.

But I agree with timwag. I've never had great luck with those bulbs.

I'd suggest you get some actual plants if you want a planted tank. And since you mentioned that you shop at petsmart... Don't buy aquatic plants there. Most of them aren't aquatic plants.
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