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New Tank, Small Fish?

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So, I'm planning on starting a 20-gallon long tank within the next month. Obviously planted, heavily, and then I would like to put some RCS, some fire red shrimp, or other types of shrimp into the tank. Along with the shrimp (which I would like to have around 30 to start off with), I want to add some fish and nerites.

I have been looking around for a nice schooling fish which I can get around 15 of. None have really peaked my interest, the ones that I like the most are neon or cardinal tetras, but I am just looking for something you aren't going to find everywhere.

I saw pea puffers, but then read up on them and they said that they can be quite aggressive, which is no bueno. I want to know if this is true, or if I would be able to get some.

I would like fish that don't grow over 1.5" since if they grow too big they will become a threat to the shrimp.

If there are any other suggestions for fish that aren't your everyday fish, please let me know. Thank you.
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Look at :
Tucanoichthys tucano ( Tucano tetra)
Hyphessobrycon amandae ( Ember tetra)
Nannostomus sp. ( Pencilfish) some smaller varieties: N. anduzei, N. digrammus, N. marginatus, N. minimus, N. mortenthaleri, N. nitidus, and N. rubrocaudatus.
Boraras brigittae ( Chili Rasbora)
Poropanchax normani ( Norman's Lampeye Killifish)
Pseudomugil furcatu (Forktail Blue-eyed Rainbowfish)

If none of these are appealing I can list more. :)

I enjoy the look of the forktailed blue-eyed rainbow and the normans killifish

I read about killifish and it said they are a seasonal fish so they have a shorter lifespan, is this true?

If you have any other suggestions I would very much appreciate them. Thank you.
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