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Hi All,

Got my new tank from glass cages: 50 gallon long, rimless (48"x18"x12"). I bought ADA Amazonia to put 2" on the bottom, 36L. I bought a Sunsun 304B rated at 525gph(currently cycling in my existing tank) and a GLA glass drop checker.

Stuff im reusing from my older tank, 75gallon. GLA inline atomizer, eheim 2017, 2 x Planted + 24/7, a 5# co2 tank with a Milwaukee Instruments MA957.

I plan on dosing EI. low on the nitrates as the water in Arizona is pretty high on those.
I plan on a light cycle of 8 hours per day.
This will likely be planted iwagumi style; HC Cuba, S. Repens, and dwarf hair grass.

A few questions:
Where can i find good glass or acrylic inlet/outlet pipes with 3/4" hose? The ones the Sunsun came with are not great.
Would it create issues if i reuse some of the eco complete in my current tank to create hills or mounds?
Given that my new tank is only 12" high (18" on my current tank), will i have too much light with the two planted + 24/7?
Will i have enough filtration with the eheim and sunsun? I know you can never have enough, but i want to make sure i cross the low threshold.
Where can i get a nice timer for lights and the co2? Ideally would like to have the co2 come on an hour before the lights turn on and turn off an hour before the lights go off.
Am i missing anything?

Any other advice is appreciated. ill try and post a pic of the current tank and the new one. Plan on setting it up in the next few weeks.

Old tank:
New tank:

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