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I need a little help starting a new tank, I have organic soil,play sand white and tan, and one bag of Eco complete. My tank is 70 gals according to a computer program my boss put together for me, it's 3' long x 2' wide ( front to back) x 18-19" deep ( top to bottom). I just wanna get some imput as to what I should use for the substrate and how deep to go from back to front?

My plants include glossostigma, and dwarf hair grass, Rotala, pennywort, amazon swords ( big ones), java fern, dwarf sag, and moss java,willow,flame, I also have fissedens. I'm gonna be adding a rock formation also, I do have a nice tree root I can add too but I don't want it to look to busy mainly want space for my tetras to swim in the front you know. I wanna try n do something like a cross between iwagami and a regular planted kinda 50/50? Ill add some pics later!
I also was wondering what ican add to the sub in terms of ferts besides tabs, something for initial setup like laterite,vermiculite or just something that will add iron and other ferts?
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