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I am setting up my first tank and swiping my credit cards just so that I am able to build a nice aquascape. Currently I have some driftwood, additive (Super 4), substrate (ADA Power Sand and Amazon Light), filter and rocks. I am planning to go slow on the setup and add plants after 2 weeks. The goal is to build something in between dutch and nature style. You can tell me if this is bad idea.

My question is, can I add the additives and substrates now and plants/water after a week or two? I know they are all packed and I think taking the soil out shouldn't can major issues. I am still asking because I am doing this first time and still waiting for some essentials to arrive. I also want to take my time to design and make changes if required. I am not in a position to mess up anything and start over again.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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