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New Tank, New to Hobby. Need Advice/Help

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Okay, so I just started a new tank. First a list of info,

-90 Gallon
-Fluval Canister filter
-4x65 Coralife (T5?) watt lighting with half blue half white lights.
-Small 45 gram co2 bottle with bubble counter (about 1.5-2 bps)
-heater set at 80 degrees (for cycling purposes)
-water parameters are,
pH-7.6 throught 7.9
Off the charts Nitrates (it just finished fishless cycle) ill be doing some big water changes tonight.
-Substrate is 3 bags Eco-Complete
-0 fish as of now.

Ive also added the reccomended dosage of terta Plant fertalizer

Plants inclued
-Dwarf Hairgrass
-Amazon Sord
-Java Fern
-one unknown small leafy plant (not at home cant see packaging) you may destinguish from my attached picture.

Just a few questions here,

Is co2 nessesary for this tank? I have a very small bottle of co2 in use, but i was considering ceasing the co2 injection when im out. will this ruin the balance?

Is there anything listed above that strikes you as abnormal?(except the huge nitrate number)

how often should i fert the tank?

Is my lighting sufficiant? or Do i have too much lighting for my plants to take in?

I would love to hear any and ALL advice for keeping my tank healthy.

I really want my plants to stay alive as ive invested alot of money into them.

Thank you everyone on this wonderful website! :smile::fish:


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T5 are usually 54W bulbs(?)
Consistant CO2 is better even if much lower but/w 4 bulbs you do need it if only
fairly temporary. If the fixture will work/w two bulbs it would be better till you get good plant growth. Those 50/50 bulbs usually have 10,000K for the non blue half which is
likely in the high range/w 4 of them. But check your fixture on the T5 chart on this.
Using a lot of guess work it seems to be 80-90 PAR and half of that may not be enough for the Dwarf Hairgrass.
Either add fish now or keep adding ammonia till you do or the beneficial bacteria will die.
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