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Going to be setting up my new tank next week.

Will be using existing tank set up and merging together with new tank, currently have a 30L cube & have bought a 60L cube to replace.

Same light, filter & heater will work in this tank, also have had injected Co2 which I may add, I may not...

Going from a fully carpeted moderately planted tank and now wanting a lightly plants Anubias tank, possibly with some Buce plants in also.

Questions being:

- Co2 with Anubias and Buce plants, worth it? I know they’re slow growing but I’m willing to provide higher lighting and Co2

- best way to attach Anubias to a large piece of wood, can you glue? I don’t like the idea of string

- mosses, any particular mosses people recommend, slow growing, unique mosses

- dosage of ferts, I have always auto dosed, used to dose 1ml twice a day or an all in one fert, still required with a handful of Anubias?

- algae, I know Anubias are susceptible to algae on leaves due to slow growth, how bad is this, any good ways to reduce/remove algae

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High lighting with Anubias and Buces: no. They're all pretty much going to be low-light plants. They can be kept in high-tech tanks but may require shading. The exception being some random Buces that grow faster than others.

CO2 can be useful in all planted tanks. But it's not something I would use with slow-growers. Really depends upon your setup.

Super Glue gel for attaching Anubias, Buces, moss.

Ferts may or may not be necessary for Anubias and Buces - depends upon the tank. I never really have to dose anything in my shrimp tanks because there are enough nitrates and the like. So if you have fish, you may not have to.

If you want to see how Anubias grow in tanks, use the search feature here on the forum. Seriously. Use it. Then scroll through several tank journals. (I've never had algae issues with them in 30ish years)
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