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New tank, new ideas

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I live in the Annandale, VA area and am looking to start on a new aquarium containing mainly live plants, shrimp, and snails and a few fish. I went ahead and got a few plants to add to my tank, but want to see what else is out there. I have previous experience with planted tanks but this time I want to create one that is self-sustaining and requiring minimal maintenance other than frequent water changes. Are there any fish stores that you recommend in the area for supplies and fish? I am also looking for nice rocks and driftwood to add to my tank.
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NOVA Tropicals in woodbridge has a nice selection of fish, rocks, and driftwood. they also have some good supplies. Really depends on what you need. Affordable in rates
Vienna Aquarium & Pets in Leesburg has a nice selection of fish and plants. Never looked for driftwood or rocks. A bit pricey.
Congressional Aquarium in Rockville has a nice selection of fish, rocks, and driftwood. Same with supplies. A bit pricey.

Also look at local fish clubs. They have a ton of people with lots of knowledge. You may also find some who are selling things too.
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