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Okay, I just got my new Truaqua tank in the mail today. I'm not excited at all (stuffing fist in mouth to stop squealing in excitement!!!). I'm taking my time to set this up since I have to budget my purchases anyway. Tank is an 8.7 gallon bowfront. Rimless. Yep. It's absolutely gorgeous. My first nice tank. :D

This tank will hold RCS, so nothing fancy, but still something I need to do to hone my shrimping skills. I plan to scape it nicely (scape still to be decided).

I've been reading about substrate and settled on pool filter sand for this one. I was disappointed to find out that nowhere in my area is it as cheap as everyone has it around the country. Apparently our Lowes and Walmarts carry everything for pools EXCEPT the sand. :( Had to pay $13 for a 50 lb bag at a pool supply store, but it's still cheaper than the Tahitian Moon Sand I have in the other tanks, so I went with it. I'm looking forward to something different. :)

Now, a filter. I've been reading threads like crazy. Sponge filters. UGF. HOB. I'm not averse to combinations. I saw in one thread that it looked like they had a HOB hooked up to PVC with holes drilled in it that ran under the substrate like a UGF. I still have an in-tank filter that hasn't been used, so that's sitting on the sidelines. I have sponges in my other tanks, and even though my parameters seem to be pretty stable, my shrimp populations are dwindling and the one number that seems to drop is my GH, so I keep raising it. Still, I've ended up losing all my BV and I'm down to a pair of yellows and a small handful of rilis.

I'm going to take my time with this tank and do everything right to make sure all goes well from the start as I continue to learn from my older tanks. So, what has worked best for you? Please chime in with your experiences.

This tank will go on my shelf rack, so I've found a light fixture that will hook to the bottom of the shelf above that will hold a T5 bulb for aquariums. I expect that I'll have to play with screens and stuff to balance the light. I want enough to grow low to medium light plants but not get a tank of algae. I figured this would be the best option since I don't want to mess with CO2 and I have limited space due to the nature of using a rack.

I'll be covering the back of the tank with posterboard to keep out the morning sun (of course the only place where my rack fits is by the sliding glass door). The tanks share space with my house plants. I've also considered attaching a dark drape to the shelf behind the tanks, but my Evolve8 has pennywort climbing out of it all over the place and I like the way it looks.

So... lay it on me. :help: I'm taking notes. I've read and re-read the sticky on starting with shrimp, but I'm at the point that I've tried all sorts of tricks and I'm still missing something. I don't think I overfeed... only feed them a tiny bit once a week since there's plenty of biofilm. I will succeed at shrimp keeping if it's the last thing I do. (cue dramatic music)
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