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New Tank Low Ammonia with No Water Changes?

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I set up a new 20-gallon tank about 12 days ago and got the pH to about 6.8 (temp is staying around 74 degrees F) and then put three Endler's Guppy in it. The ammonia went up to about 1ppm and I did a 25% water change as well as drop in a dose of AmmoLock (a week ago today). Since then I've been testing it every day and the ammonia has stayed below one and most of the time 0.25-.5ppm but I haven't changed the water again. Should I be performing water changes even when it's staying that low and I've been putting AmmoLock in it every other day (according to the instructions on the bottle)? Neither the nitrites nor nitrates have moved from 0ppm yet (which doesn't surprise me with the ammonia staying low and it being so soon).
I also have an assortment of various plants (four of them) and a couple of moss balls in there if that changes anything.

Thanks for any advice!
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My advice would be to remove the fish. It's unnecessary and cruel to house them in a tank that doesn't have an existing nitrogen cycle. Get yourself some ammonia from the hardware store/online or use fish food to get that tank cycled. Re-home the fish so they aren't slowly being tortured to death with gill burn. It will take the same amount of time regardless.
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