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New Tank/Light Fixture Question...

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Hey guys, I'm new to the Forum and fishkeeping in general.
Please bear with me :)

Nothing is set up yet, but I have purchased the following:

- 29 gallon high
- 2 bags of Seachem Flourite
- Rena SmartFilter 30/SmartHeater 100
- Nova Extreme 24" 48w T5 HO
- A bottle of Flourish
- A bottle of Flourish Excel
- StressCoat & StressZyme
- Driftwood

Just a few questions! First and foremost... am I missing anything? Besides plants. :) My driftwood is currently soaking as to remove most of the tannins. I'm not a big fan of the 'tea water' look. I bought the StressCoat/StressZyme just in case, even though I've read that a lot of you don't use it. I can always return it if need be.

My big concern is my lighting fixture. When I purchased it at my LFS (Captain Nemo's in Norristown for any of you Eastern PA people) the associate told me that it should work out very well for my tank. I'm still a bit weary because on the box it says "Ideal for Marine Fish and Reef Aquariums". I've looked online and I've seen Nova Extreme fixtures specifically for Freshwater. Does anybody know whether or not this makes a big difference?? I've read that the Actinic Lamp doesn't do much, if anything, for plants. It just gives off a nice color, I guess?

Also, I have a glass canopy for my tank, to keep wondering kitty paws out. Will I still get good lighting for my plants through the glass? I like the look of Moneywort and have read that they blossom little white flowers above the water line. I'm thinking of getting some Baby Tears for the Foreground, Java Moss for some of the Driftwood, Water Shamrocks (if I can find them).. I'm still planning, as you can tell. :)

I'm thinking of putting some Neons or Cardinals, Rasboras, Otos and maybe some Ghost Shrimp or Algae Eating Shrimp if they'll be somewhat easy to care for.

Thanks in advance to anyone that responds!
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1) Water too. =p
2) If you don't plan on injecting CO2 at all, those filters will be fine, albeit not t the best choice money can buy (ie: canister). If you plan to do either DIY or pressurized CO2, seriously think about getting a canister filter.
3) Use Prime as your de-chlorinator, you probably won't need the other chemicals.
4) What bulbs are in the fixture? You'll want two 6700K or 10,000K lamps in that fixture, no 50/50 bulbs or actinic bulbs.
5) The glass canopy will be fine. Just wipe it off when you do a WC.
I figured a HOB Filter would do fine because I am just starting out... I was initially interested in purchasing the Rena Canister (XP1) because I've heard such great things about it, but several people said for a 29 gallon it may create too much of a current. I do not plan on doing any CO2 injections.. just using the Flourish/Excel. I was told that if I add it regularly it should be enough.

The Nova has 2 bulbs: a 24watt 10,000K & a 24watt 460nm Actinic. I bought this on a whim (and suggestion from the associate.) I did a little more research and was thinking about trading the Nova in for a different fixture. Like I said in my original post, I saw that there is a Freshwater version of my lamp. I have model #1124, but I think I may be better off with #1127?
So I ended up ordering the Freshwater lighting online last night.. I'll return the other one at some point today. I figured if I'm putting all this money into the tank, I better do it right! :)
If it were me I would go ahead and return the smartfilter and get an XP1 or XP2 honestly. They have a flow reducer on them and also a spraybar, so you can reduce the current somewhat if you think its overkill.
I just think you'll be happier in the long run and money better spent IMO.

I have a Smartheater myself and it's been working great so far and very accurate.

I agree with epic on the Prime and get your money back on the rest of your chemicals.

Good luck with the tank and welcome to the forum.:thumbsup:
Okay guys, here's the update:

I exchanged the SmartFilter for an XP2, but kept the SmartHeater.
My Nova Extreme should be coming in the mail today. I'm so excited!!

All I need to do is put the Flourite in and fill it up with water! Do I need to wash the Flourite off until the water isn't brown?
I completely agree with the advice so for.

I have an XP1 on my 33 gallon it's just right. I have the SmartHeater 300 on my 90 gallon with an XP3 and love it.

Sounds like you're well on your way to a great looking planted tank, congrats.
Do you guys think I should purchase another fixture? I feel that the 1.7wph might be too low... furthermore, I bought the 24" version instead of the 30" version... so I'm afraid it won't light the tank evenly. Help! :(

Also, with the Flourish and the Flourish Excel... 1 or 2 capfuls a week sound okay?
And how much/often should I do a water change?

BTW, the XP2 is working beautifully!!! :thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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