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So i just went to pick up my brillix 60 aquarium.
I set it up blind as there arent any instructions -_-
So far so good except one really niggling issue- the only holes in the hood for tubes and wires are 2 small cut outs on the far left.

The lights were screwed in (likely the wrong way) so the wires are coming out on the right hand side, however there are no holes, grooves or access that side, so if i want them coming out there i either have to let them be squashed by the main hood panel (which then sits open a few cm and looks unsightly), or double back the wires to reach the left hand side. I double backed them but this has wasted cable and my plugs now barely reach the floor.
I am not sure what to do .. is this normal?
Is the tank faulty or am i being stupid and not doing it right?

Additional Details
This isnt my aquarium but here we go]…
on the bottom right where the lights are there are leads that control my lights however their are no holes to put the wires through so they just sit underneath the lid , in this picture the wires arent visible the only way to get rid of them is to put them through the holes for the filter and heater wich would mean streching to the back left corner?
I will try and get a picture tommorow.

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