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I'm just starting out and have a bit of a crisis in my tank. I have a 20 gallon lightly planted tank which has been set up and happily neglected for about a year. I decided I wanted to invest time again and create a "real" planted tank. In the last week I have increased lighting from one 18w to two 24w blubs, added CO2 (by diffusion ladder) and started doing water changes on a regular basis.
I have been rewarded for all my efforts by a random outbreak of ich. The last fish was added over 2 months ago so I figure I caused my poor guys enough stress that some ich finally erupted??
When I first spotted the ich it was late and I did one panicked treatment with Maracide (biospheres) which I had left from who knows when, pulled my carbon (even though it said you don't need to) and went to bed hoping my fish would be there in the am...
Now I have 3 fish that are showing spots, I bumped my temperature from about 78 to 82 over the last 12 hours (I know that is too fast but I don't have a very precise heater so it went a bit more than planned- fish acting normal with exception of the one platy that is covered in spots). I added an air stone to keep O2 up. Planning on discontinuing the maracide and trying with just heat treatment so I will bump my heat again tomorrow to about 85 and keep it there for two weeks if all goes as planned. My concern is that I have shrimp in my tank and a lot of post I have seen say they die during this heat treatment? Should I pull them and keep them in a smaller 5 gallon tank until my temps can go down again? (I believe they are glass shrimp.) They have been very happy in there and 3 females have bellies full of eggs right now.
Any ideas on how I can kill the ich but not my shrimp/fish/plants would be great. Does is sound like I'm making some okay choices for treating this tank?? Thanks so much in advance! :help:
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