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New Tank Cycling/Plant Melt

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Hi there all -

After months of research and waiting I've finally set up my first tank.

The tank is on its third day and I just want to make sure I've got the right idea.

For reference:

UNS 45 ~9 gal
I did a 50% water change on day two (managed to stir up aquasoil real nicely on planting day, water changed to increase clarity)
25% water change day three (to clean up some more clarity)
No CO2, no ferts, no fish, snails or shrimp (fishless cycle)
Temp is around 78-80 F

Few questions -
1. Should I be doing water changes? (I read in fishless cycle to not do them until cycle is complete)
2. Is the melt on the plants in below pics normal? When should I expect to normalize?

Any tips appreciated! Can provide more info if needbe.

Plant Leaf Terrestrial plant Grass Houseplant

Flower Plant Leaf Branch Vegetation

Plant Leaf Yellow Terrestrial plant Groundcover

Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Flowering plant Groundcover

Plant Flower Leaf Botany Terrestrial plant