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Hello all! I've been keeping aquariums ever since I was 12, and I'm about to celebrate my 21st birthday in a week. I haven't kept an aquarium ever since I lost my 30 gallon during a move. I've finally decided that it was time to get back to something I loved to do, and that was keeping and breeding fish.

So I'm getting back into the hobby, and I'm excited about it.

I won't be able to start back breeding immediately, because I don't have two tanks, and most definitely can't afford to buy another 7.5 gallon on top of the one I'm thinking about purchasing. [If someone has a cheap one, or and old one, I'd be glad to pay for shipping or a little more! :) ]

I know I'd like to keep some shrimp to start off with, and in a planted nano tank. As to the specifics of everything else, I have no idea. That's what my question is:

I am thinking about getting the 7.5 gallon Mr. Aqua.
I'd like to get some Crystal Red Shrimp. (Any idea as to how many for a 7.5?)
I know I'd like to plant it with some Microsword, Marsilea minuta, and perhaps some java moss as a carpet. (if I'm successful in growing it!)

Knowing this, What else do I need to purchase for a successful nano tank with these flora/fauna?

Also, I'm a videographer with a studio in my house, so I plan on using video heavily to keep you guys updated on the tank process, breeding success/epic failure, and do some pass-it-forward education as I go.