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Hello PlantedTank community 馃憢

I'm trying to set up a new tank by the book, but I have some algae issue which I'm not sure how to solve 馃槥
I've tried a couple of ideas but nothing seem to really help 馃槦
None of algae eaters seem to touch it: amanos, otos and I even bought small silver flying foxes recently, no luck.
It's all over my HC, microsoriums, mosses and Limnophila. Echinodorus and Rotalas are mostly clean.
It's not too bad yet, but removing it mechanically doesn't yields much success as it grows back the next day.

Tank age: a month
Volume: 200l (~140l of water)
pH: 6.8 @ KH7
T: 27C
Lights: 7h, 95W @ 60%
GH: >14 <21
Ammonia: < 0.02ppm
NO3: ~20
PO4: 0
fertilizers: tropica premium + K
double excel dose seem to help in a way that it doesn't grow further that day.

Any hints what could I do without resorting to some radical methods I saw on this forum? 馃槰

Thanks 馃檪

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To the extent that I have had algae struggles, they have been with this stuff (or something similar).

The dreaded green filamentous algae. Nothing eats it and excel has no effect even at overdose levels except making it a bit easier to remove.

When I've gotten it, it's been around the two month mark after the diatoms have subsided. Once it gets established, I've only been able to rid myself of it with a combination of hydrogen peroxide and excel (aka the 'one-two punch'). If your fundentals are good, you can knock it back with that and it will stay gone.

I think that method is controversial because it can be harmful to livestock if proper care is not taken. Filaments have responded well (i.e. died off) for me at the 2tbsp/10g dose and I've had no casualties.

Good luck!

Sorry, meant to add, are you running co2?

That sounds like a lot of light if not.

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Thanks for your reply! 馃檹
The dreaded green filamentous algae
I'm mentally preparing myself to do the 'one-two punch', but I deluded myself that sth lighter may help.
But nevertheless it's reassuring to hear it worked for you...

Sorry, meant to add, are you running co2?

That sounds like a lot of light if not.
Yes, I'm running pressurized CO2 - about 3,5 bps.
It feels like a lot for me (first tank after a long break and first one with co2 ever),
but I'm liking the effect so far - HC carpet is nice (except the algae issue) and rest of plants grow really well.

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Watch a video in youtube from Green Aqua "Algae guide V.2 tutorial" - Miss Algae Universe contest.
Thanks for recommendation 馃檪 They are great, they are one of the reasons I'm back to the hobby now 馃檪
I already tried to do it their way, but obviously I have still a lot to learn.

馃 I think my algae look very similar to that "Diatom Algae" @ 15:08 (but to a lesser extend).
As my tank is still very new do you think it is possible that they will just vanish by themselves and I should just wait patiently?

I don't find this "Algae Guide" especially useful in my case, I don't see anything similar there. Maybe Green Beard Algae? But they say the reason is low co2 and I keep it at 35 ppm what should be plenty. This is hard 馃槄

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How often are you doing water changes? If you fertilize often, you need to reset the water often. Otherwise you end up with an excess of certain nutrients and that will always grow algae.

There are several approaches you can attempt.

1) increasing your water change amount or frequency
2) dosing lean
3) reducing light period

You should also remove as much as you can physically. Problem should sort itself out in a few weeks.

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How often are you doing water changes? If you fertilize often, you need to reset the water often.
Once a week, about 40%. I'm not fertilizing it that much, only micros + K as it is adviced this early. PO4 is constantly at 0. I don't think I have any leeway here, eg. leaves of staurogyne already look pale.

But I think you are right, I'll reduce light period/power a bit, change water twice a week and remove algae physically for some more time before attempting chemical treatment. I've read the one-two punch thread and I'm just super worried about my otos and ember tetras 馃槰

One more thing: I only use tap water and I've read that some algae might be related to high silicates level 馃 is it worth buying SiO3 test in this case?
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