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New T-5 Lighting Coming

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I ordered a fw nova T-5 fixture, 24". I plan to slide the tank on the right over next to the other, and run it over both tanks. What sayeth you?:)

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Why mess with what you have going on now? Both tanks look really good. That being said, I am a fan of T5 lighting, but not being able to control them individually, and having lots of wasted light in the middle are cons for the setup you propose.'s too late. The fixture on the right is pc's and I don't like it. And I cannot find a reputable business that will send me the exact bulb I need to replace the one in the desk lamp. It won't be very much unused light, and it will still reflect down towards the tanks. It will also look much cleaner, neater, IMO. And, by putting the tank on the right up on the desk, it will get a bit of sunlight like the one on the left does. Thanks for the compliment. The tank on the right is now having some algae livestock except one snail in it presently.
Or..I could just use it on the 20L I was thinking of setting up...:red_mouth
I agree with you waterfaller, Assuming the tanks sit side by side, you wont have too much wasted light. and it will give the tanks, and room an overall simpler, neater presentation.
Here they are with the new light.

after adding new plants

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That's an awesome idea!

What's the plant in the foreground in the left tank?'s HC.:icon_wink
What's the substrate and is it CO2 injected (question applies to both tanks)?
No CO2.
Substrate is generic peat & compost potting soil, topped with fine black gravel & white sand path.
Very nice!

Clump of anubias nana var. petite in the tank on the right? Kinda perched on top of that driftwood?
Thank you. Yes, it is anubias nana petite. There are sort of cuts in the top of that driftwood piece, and the roots fit just nice through them.

here is how it looked before the anubias

If you are interested, here are the specs..
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