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As requested I shall post here and let you know my findings.

The only concern I could see with CO2 and a sump is the surface agitation. Although I do know they make inline CO2 injection for canister filter output hoses. If you do try it, try and document your experience so that we can all learn from it!

: U.P. Aqua CO2 Inline Atomizer for Aquarium, 3/4-Inch - 16/22mm
Have used injected co2 for about three months now.
I have 2 tanks with their own system and press. bottle.
Only one uses a sump, sadly I have built this sump when I was newly introduced to the hobby cos i thought it was neat to get your equipment out of the way and maybe simply because i was curious if i could. The worst part is I looked at designs for a sea sump with over under systems not knowing anything yet about co2 loss at breaking points of the surface.
It's always been hard keeping co2 up without really blasting it.

I've tried putting filter sponges where the water cascades into the next bit this worked reasonably well but kinda messes with the flow inside the sump and makes it hard to tune your return pump and canister when using both.
The best way around it was quite literal. Fill the sump so far that the water would go over every bit of glass in there. Though this leaves very little room for error before it starts flooding ;)

So... a new one.

This afternoon picked up my giant order of glass pieces and got to glueing. I've sanded the corners later and removed most of the leftover glue where it shouldn't be. As you can see I'm forced to do projects like this on my bed since i live in a small apartment and have too many tanks as I'm sure some of you do :grin2:
I'd be inclined to think this design should be fine keeping co2 in.


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