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The new store is called The Planted Vase and is definitely worth a visit, the address is 519 E. Douglas Ave. Wichita, Kansas, KS 67202. Tel: (916) 502-2366

Neat tidy and clean, very keen to help and most definitely informative. Stock is being added to as and when it is available.

Picked up a pair of tweezers and a HUGE Anubias for just over twenty bucks! The Anubias is easily big enough to split into three smaller plants.

He is on facebook under the name of you guessed it The Planted Vase. Parking is limited directly outside of the store but if you look to the right as you get near to it there is plenty available to your left and right.

He is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, but worth a visit for sure.

The Planted Vase ? Stay close to nature with an aquarium vase for small spaces
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