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New Store- Hatfield

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Hey I just wanted to give a shoutout to a new LFS that opened in Hatfield. It's name is Reef to Rift and is in the same shopping center as the Giant. I was just there yesterday and they've got a good selection of equipment (fluval lights, CO2 equipment, Scape tools, Seachem and AquaVitro items, Good selection of planted substrate, etc.) and their fish look healthy. The plant selection was just okay but I'm not sure when they actually go stuff in, could be that it was sitting there for a while.

They had a few bins of interesting stone (fossilized wood, lava rock black and red, some others that I can't name but looked very interesting)
They also may have had some filter parts behind the counter but I didn't get a good look at what was behind there.

Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area in my opinion!
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