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Today seemed like such a great day for fish tank shopping… So off we went (over an hour away) with a 6 month old in tow… being naïve to the whole shopping with baby scene by the time we made it to the LFS for some live plants (tank store – rock store- sand store) he was ready to have the whole shopping process come to an end….

I did a quick grab and go without really looking (poor decision on my part)… After making it back home what I have found myself with is a little less then I envisioned.

I purchased two Java ferns (2.99 each- finger length small 6 to 8 leaf bunches) - One seems to be in good shape over all – the other has a few brown strips across a few of the leaves.

Should I clip off the browning leaves before attaching them?

I also noticed that both plants have a brown film across them… Could this is an algae? How would I remove this to prevent an unprepared for outbreak?

I also purchased a Dixie cup full of Java Moss for 4.99 - Once I had it back home and got past the first “layer” of moss a quickly found that the middle is sort of a dull green white moss. What would be the best way to bring the moss back around? I fear that putting it on a rock and dropping it in the bottom of a low light set up will be asking for trouble…

For now I have the ferns in a cup of water and left the moss as is…

Thank you for any help you can give…
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