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New shrimp nano filter

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Well Christmas came early for me.
Just got these in the mail from HK.
Will try it out. Seems good for small shrimp tank. Nice clean design..
Pricey though. More cool looks than functionality . Anybody use these filters?


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That looks cool. I think it'll work fine. I made one with just stuff laying around the house. Learned it from some guy on youtube-DIY aquarium filters. The only downfall is that it looks like crap either than that it does the job.
This filter is from HK. Haven't seen them online yet. It does have a nice clean design. It does come in a larger size. Twice as large. Black i think.
looks like a ceramic version of the old box air powered filters my dad used back when i was a kid. before hang-on and canister power filters were prevalent.

except for floss and charcoal, that one uses foam and ceramic rings

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its cute! nice find.
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