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New Shrimp Habitat.. would like advise and suggestions please.

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Hey Guys..

Been reading for awhile.. first time poster..
Must say first.. There are some amazing tanks here..!!

My history:

Kept saltwater tanks of various sizes , reef tanks mostly ( 8 years ago ) .. Have never had a freshwater tank..
I have not had a tank in over 8 years.. and man has the technology changed..


I would like to start up a shrimp habitat and maybe breed them.. sounds very interesting and fun..

I believe I have decided on a 29 gallon nano tank set up.. most likely from jbj ( I can get it for 219.99 with stand right now shipped )

My thoughts were to make a visually pleasing tank and provide the shrimps a place to live..

Would shrimp be ok in this type of set up ....?

What would you suggest?, what substrate.? plants? etc..

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Welcome Jon.

I suggest you start with the sticky.

lots of great info in there for both beginners and experienced shrimpers.

most of your questions can probably be answered in there.

but lookign forward to your build. Jbj could make for a cool all-in-one style tank.
You may want to think about putting foam filter or mesh over the outflow as baby shrimp will easily get through the opening.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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