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Hey Guys..

Been reading for awhile.. first time poster..
Must say first.. There are some amazing tanks here..!!

My history:

Kept saltwater tanks of various sizes , reef tanks mostly ( 8 years ago ) .. Have never had a freshwater tank..
I have not had a tank in over 8 years.. and man has the technology changed..


I would like to start up a shrimp habitat and maybe breed them.. sounds very interesting and fun..

I believe I have decided on a 29 gallon nano tank set up.. most likely from jbj ( I can get it for 219.99 with stand right now shipped )

My thoughts were to make a visually pleasing tank and provide the shrimps a place to live..

Would shrimp be ok in this type of set up ....?

What would you suggest?, what substrate.? plants? etc..

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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