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New setup, what do you guys think?

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So this is my somewhat new tank.. About 7 months old.. Helpful criticism is definitely welcome.. Does it look too linear? Maybe need higher peaks or more backround plants?


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Sorry about the dirty glass, didn't see that on the camera..
The rock arch centered in the first and last pic seems a bit at odds to the scape. Everything else looks awesome. I think it's the lighter colored rock that jumps out at me looking at the tank.
What is that? a 40 gallon?

I like it. Like wkndracer said, the arch looks a little out of place. It would look great though IMO if you could replace it with a uniform type of stone.
how about 2x amazon sowrd in the rear of the tank?
or maybe a hygrophilla difformis?
anyway your tank is clean and nice
yeah i agree with wkndracer, i don't think it needs to be moved or anything, it looks fine where it is, but if it was the roughly the same color as the other rocks it may look a bit more..'natural'? i suppose is the word i'm going for? Either way tho, your tank looks very nice! What kinda substrate is that? :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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