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New setup options and questions

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I am considering ditching my 29 gal plastic plant set up for a live plants.

I am considering the following options ...

23 long
Fluval 104 Canister (125 GPH)
100 watt Ebo-jager heater
Glass lid with twin tube lights looking for 3 WPG *(or less per comment)
A CO2 reactor (I forgotto put this in the original post)
Small pea gravel for substrate

40 gallon breeder (for the width)
Two Fluval 104 (125 GPH each)
Two 100 watt Ebo-jager heaters
Glass lid with twin tubes lights looking for 3 WPG *(or less per comment)
A CO2 reactor (I forgotto put this in the original post)
Small pea gravel for subtrate

Live stock for each would obviously vary due to size but at the very least would include my two kribensis.

I have had several aquarium but never had a live plant setup so I'm a begginer ...

The questions ... :help:

1. Do you see any problems with either setup?

2. Which set up would you suggest for a begginer?

3. How often does a planted tank that is heathly require a complete tear down and clean out?

:bounce: Thanks for all the help ... GREAT SITE!!

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You have come to the right place! :smile:

1. What do you mean by pea gravel over substrate? I'd suggest looking around in the substrate section and see what ppl have been using. While pea gravel works, getting something with a higher CEC might be advantageous.

2. Bigger is better. ;) You mention 3W/gal, which usually qualifies as high light, and requires CO2 and a good fertilizer regimen. If you are just starting out, you might get less frustrations with a lower light level, between 1.5-2W/gal. Things can turn bad either way, but they do so much faster with high light, and most plants don't need that much light.

3. Never.
Thanks for the good info ... I made some changes to my original post

What do you mean by co2 reactor? Is this DIY co2, or pressurized co2, or one of those small co2 "kits"?

You could also use your current 29 gal? Or give it to me so I can make it into my sump filter I am planning! :icon_roll Haha. if only Superior was a little closer to Rochester I would seriously buy it from you... haha. I have a friend that goes to school up there.

p.s. _ welcome to the forums!
to answer one of your questions on there.. As far as a "complete" tear down... I'm pretty sure you don't ever want to completely tear a established tank down. You would then be like starting over and all that hard work.. What you do need to do is just keep up on your water changes, trimming if desired etc. As far as vacuuming the gravel I'm not even sure on this in a planted tank... I have heard from a lot of people it is not necessary in a planted tank (I personally hope it is that way as to not disturb the plants) and I have heard that some people still do it so I hope someone else chimes in on that!

Thanks y84k ... I was just in Rochester last week!! About two oclock in the morning though! I fly for a Hospital in Duluth, Mn and we had brought a patient down to Mayo's. No room for the tank otherwise I would have brought it for you ... ha ha ...

I was planning on making a DIY and possibly attaching it to my canister filter or one of the other many possible was of diffusing the CO2 into the water...

Thanks again
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