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new scaping idea what do you think

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Im starting another 10 gallon tank and im thinking about makeing a cave with a black ghost tube.

im going to cut the tube in half and connect airline tubing to the back end.
next im going to pile substrate over the top of the tube so that only the end is exposed

then im going to make a rock frame around the tube and plant java ferns on either side

finally im going to connect the airline tubing to an air pump so that bubbles come out of the entrance of the cave!!!!

please comment with any questions or ideas.
thank you:cool:
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I like the idea but a picture would be nice
Bit Disney for my taste but its not my tank.
once i complete it ill post a picture
Most important is that you like it! Have fun with it and looking forward to pictures!!
You can attach sand and gravel to a tube with silicone. Pretty messy, but then the sand and gravel will stay better.
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